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FairSoft release mar15 was re-tagged


Unfortunately we had to re-tag the release one day after the release.
We had to re-tag the FairSoft release mar15.
This was needed because some tar archive was removed from the dowload server of the upstream project.

If you already have downloaded the previous version and you don't want to build the python bindings for
Geant4 and Root there is no problem and you can stay with the old version of the release.

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New FairRoot release v-15.03 available


More information about changes since release v-14.11 can be found at


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New FairSoft release mar15 available


The new FairSoft (external packages) release mar15 is available.
The release can be downloaded from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/FairRootGroup/FairSoft fairsoft_mar15
cd fairsoft_mar15
git checkout -b mar15 mar15

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New external packages (sep12) available


Today a new version of the external packages sep12 has been released. Beside many updated versions of packages there are some changes.

From this version on it is only possible to install the external packages into a separate installation directory. After the installation is completed it is possible to remove the source directory.

We add support for the clang compiler.

The clhep package has been removed completely. The needed functionality is now part of Geant4.

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