Problems downloading VGM


Since some days there are problems with the download servers of SourceForge, so it is in the moment impossible to download the vgm package from there. The installation of FairSoft ends with an error when it comes to the installation of vgm. To overcome the problem we provide tar-files containing the vgm code which van be downloaded from our webpage.

If you are using either FairSoft release jul14p4 or mar15p2 please get the code from .

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New FairRoot release v-15.07 available


Release info:

Move data base interface (FairDB) to a separate repository

Major update in FairMQ package

.... for more details see

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New patch releases for jul14, dec14 and mar15


A serious bug in ROOT was found which could influence the version management of the parameter handling in FairRoot. The problem was caused by change in the function TKey::GetCycle() in ROOT. This problem effect only people saving multiple versions of a parameter in the same parameter file

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Secure CDash server


Today we enabled https on our CDash server. Please use the new entry point

instead of the old one

All acces to the insecure http port will be automatically forwarded to the secure https port. Also access via old links should be automatically done correct. If you encounter any problems with the new setup, please let us know, since it is possible that we missed some issues even after testing the setup.

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FairSoft release mar15 was re-tagged


Unfortunately we had to re-tag the release one day after the release.
We had to re-tag the FairSoft release mar15.
This was needed because some tar archive was removed from the dowload server of the upstream project.

If you already have downloaded the previous version and you don't want to build the python bindings for
Geant4 and Root there is no problem and you can stay with the old version of the release.

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New FairRoot release v-15.03 available


More information about changes since release v-14.11 can be found at

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New FairSoft release mar15 available


The new FairSoft (external packages) release mar15 is available.
The release can be downloaded from GitHub:

git clone fairsoft_mar15
cd fairsoft_mar15
git checkout -b mar15 mar15

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FairRoot on SVN is not updated nor maintained anymore!


The SVN FairRoot repository is frozen and will not be updated any more. If you still using it please move the new Git repository in GitHub.

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