Project template


A project template that can be used as a starting point for anybody who would like to build his simulation and reconstruction software on FairRoot. The project template is in the FairRoot/template/project_template directory
The template demonstrate and implement the following:

  • General structure of the software (cake config files, VMC/Geant configurations, etc ..)
  • Example detector with sensitive and passive volumes (NewDetector) and data class
  • Particle Stack for Geant3/4 with filtering infrastructure
  • Event generators (Pathia6,8) more are available directly from FairRoot
  • Passive component implementation (Magnet Yoke, Beam Pipe)
  • Track visualisation tool (Event display)
  • A rename script which replace all the generic names to user defined ones
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New How to is added: Getting started with FairRoot


Brief description of how to get started with FairRoot. and how to run the tutorials

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New stable version of R3BRoot is available "feb14"


The R3BRoot release "feb14" is using FairBase tag release v-13.12 and can be downloaded by:
svn co r3broot

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New tag release of FairRoot is available v-13.12


New tag v-13.12 is now available,
The release can be downloaded from SVN:
svn co

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New external packages (dec 13) available


New version of the external packages "Dec13" is available:

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Service Interruption of the Wikis, Subversion and Forum


Due to technical problems Wiki, Subversion and forum of the GSI are not reachable from outside the GSI. The Linux team is working on this problem but it could take few days!

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New external packages (apr 13) available


New version of the external packages "apr 13" is available. Beside of updating some packages we include three new packages in the externals:

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New structure of FairRoot repository


The "SVN" structure for FairRoot is changed. FairRoot here means the fairbase directory of the fairroot subversion repository. The release branch is freezed. It is set to read only for everybody and will not be updated anymore. Tags will be used from now on, the first tag v-13.03 is available.

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New external packages (sep12) available


Today a new version of the external packages sep12 has been released. Beside many updated versions of packages there are some changes.

From this version on it is only possible to install the external packages into a separate installation directory. After the installation is completed it is possible to remove the source directory.

We add support for the clang compiler.

The clhep package has been removed completely. The needed functionality is now part of Geant4.

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Download and use VirtualBox image

---++ Prerequisites

* A computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OSX and 20GB free disk space
* VirtualBox
* The archive containing the virtual machine
* A Archive tool which can handle 7-zip files

---++ How to install VirtualBox


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