Installing the external packages

To install FairSoft on your computer make sure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled on your system. It is no problem if you miss some package since the installation script will check for the existence of the needed packages and prints an error message if not all packages are detected. If you are unsure about the package names on your Linux system check the DEPENDENCIES file. There you will find a list of the dependencies which are needed to be able to compile FairSoft. In this file you can also find complete comand lines for different Linux distributions which will instruct the package manager to install all needed software packages.

After downloading FairSoft from our github repository (see bellow) call the "./" script in the downloaded directory and folow the instructions on the screen. A detailed description and a complete list of contained software packages can be found in the file (either in the source directory or here)
The new version of the configure script needs CMake as prerequisite. This package should be installed using the package manager of the used Linux distribution. If this is not possible the source code can be downloaded from here and installed using the instructions given on the web page. The configure script will then check if all other prerequisites are installed on the system.

  • The newest release (nov15p3 valid as per 21.03.16) can be downloaded from Github. Please check on the release page for newer versions.
    git clone fairsoft_nov15p3
    cd fairsoft_nov15p3
    git checkout -b nov15p3 nov15p3
  • Older releases or patch releases can also be downloaded from Github. Possible values for [release] are for example jul14, jul14p1, jul14p2, jul14p3, dec14. Please find a complete list on our releases page.
    git clone fairsoft_[release]
    cd fairsoft_[release]
    git checkout -b [release] [release]