New FairRoot release v-15.07 available

Release info:

Move data base interface (FairDB) to a separate repository

  • Remove dbase directory from FairRoot tree
  • Update the Readme.MD file with instructions how to build with FairDB support
  • default build is now without FairDB


  • Fix many coverity issues
  • Small fixes needed for ROOT6
  • Add the header files to the xcode project navigation list
  • Rename FairMemory to FairSystemInfo. All macros now have a unified block at the end which extracts the maximal used memory and calculates the CPU usage. Both values are formated in a way that they are CTest compliant and can be send to the CDash server.


  • Update FairMQStateMachine & introduce FairMQChannels
  • Organize sockets as a map of vectors of FairMQChannels.
  • Update FairMQStateMachine by removing SETTINGINPUT, SETTINGOUTPUT, BIND and CONNECT states and by adding INITIALIZING_TASK, RESETTING_TASK and RESETTING_DEVICE states. Run states functions in their own thread.
  • Move fairmq json parser to fairmq/options
  • Add FairMQProgOptions for configuring MQDevices
  • Increase maximum number of zeromq sockets and improve output on errors.
  • Reduce amount of output when finding port from a range.
  • Stop the Device when socket creation fails and output an error.