No Executable: (Only Rootcint)

  • Compiled Tasks for reconstruction, analysis, etc.
  • Root macros for steering simulation, reconstruction and analysis
  • Root macros for configurations (G3, G4, Fluka and Analysis)

    Root is the executable, steering macros are called from within root, thus the same macros runs on PC, batch farm or even on the grid!

VMC and VGM for simulation:

  • Running different transport MC’s from the same application
  • No need to customize detector response, physics configuration and cuts (partially) or input/output according the transport code
  • Geometry is described once and then one can choose between different MC’s and different navigations: e.g:
    • G3 Native geometry and navigation
    • G4 Native geometry and navigation
    • G4 Native geometry and Root navigation
    • G4 Root geometry and navigation

Dynamic Event structure:

  • Detectors can be added or replaced on the fly without changing the compiled code
  • Simple analysis on output files can be done in plain root without any extra libraries
  • Connection of different files can be done via tree friends without copying any information between different data levels
  • Transient and persistence objects are the same

Fast Simulation

  • Event generators just push the event into the stack, no transport is taking place
  • Detector response is presented as TTask
  • The output has the same format as full simulation