Bugfix for FairSoft releases Feb11 and May11

The problem could be traced back to a ROOT problem. Meanwhile the bug in ROOT was fixed and the memory leak vanished.
The patched versions are already installed at GSI, so if you use any version installed at /misc/cbmsoft you will have no problems.
If you use your own installation of FairRoot you have to follow the description below to update your installation to the latest patch.

  1. Go to the source of your FairRoot installation at $SIMPATH.
  2. Do a "svn update" in this directory. This will add 3 new files and update the install_root.sh script.
  3. Remove the root binary. "rm $SIMPATH/tools/root/bin/root.exe". This is necessary because if the file exist, root will not be compiled again.
  4. Run "configure.sh" which will update and compile the changed parts of root.

    After this steps you will have a patched installation of ROOT and the memory problem should be gone.