Build Prerequisites

Before installing FairRoot many other packages are necessary. Some of them can be installed using the package manager of the used Linux distribution, but many others have to be installed from sources. This is necessary because many of these programs can't be installed using the package manager or FairSoft need the programs compiled with special settings.

To make the installation procedure as easy as possible we provide an additional package called FairSoft (sometimes also called "external packages") which takes care of the installation of all needed programs in the right order and with the right compilation flags. In the end all additional software is installed in one directory.

The FairSoft package contains a configuration scripts which checks if all the needed system packages are installed. If some of the system packages are missing the configuration script will stop with a detailed error message. The complete list of needed system packages can be found in the DEPENDENCIES file. This file contain also complete command lines to install the needed packages on the most common Linux systems.

The main prerequisite for the FairSoft installation on Linux or Mac OSX systems is CMake which has either to be installed using the package manager or from the sources which can be downloaded from here.

The instructions how to install FairSoft can be found here.